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Caitlin Hartcliffe

breaking free of the portrait

14 April 1988
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♣ caitlin

Name: Caitlin Hartcliffe (nee Caitlin Anna-Louise Morris)
Nicknames/Aliases: Mouse
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Mun: demon_faith
policy ♦

Continuity: Caitlin Hartcliffe is an original character in modern-day America.

Caitlin and Villien verse: Caitlin met a strange young boy called Villien (not_colourblind). She decided to look after him as her brother, and protect him from the authorities by changing their identities and moving to Boston.

ERP Status: This journal operates a 'Fade to Black' policy on any sexual activity above a PG-13/12 level. When the clothes come off, the lights go out.
♥ background

History: Caitlin arrived in Wolvesville, Masachusetts in December 2008 and was working in the bookstore. She ran away from Harvard to escape her father's ambitions for her, and only keeps in touch with her Aunt Lowri.
Caitlin and Villien: She met Villien and moved to Boston, where she worked in a cafe and a bar to keep them going. They lived in a house loaned by Saxsice (multixcolored). She has recently embarked on an acting career in Boston.

Appearance: Bright red hair, arranged in curls. It is a striking but old-fashioned look, and her clothes are simple and unbranded.
For her role as Clytemnestra, she donned a blonde wig.

Personality: Caitlin is quiet, often subdued but smiles frequently. She is submissive, especially to men and those older than her. She is intelligent but does not advertise the fact. With a very inquisitive nature, she will ask a lot of questions in a nervous ramble.
disclaimer ♠

This journal is not associated with Romola Garai No disrespect is intended towards the actress.